Caleb Sancken:


2006-08-12: Engaged

Near Rapid City, SD--Kristin Thomas and Caleb Sancken sit on a rock with a lake in the background.

2006-07-09: A New Piece of Web-clutter?

Welcome to my new website, One might, justifiably, ask why I am adding another piece of litter to the information superhighway. After all, little sites like this one often make it hard to find the information one wants. I don't have completely defined in my head why this site exists, but I have some preliminary ideas. For one thing, I am arrogant enough to believe that I have information in which people would be interested, and this site can serve as a venue for that information. This information could take the form of images, sounds, or words, though right now it is pretty much just images. The other reason I created this site is to play around with web technologies (at least HTML and CSS). What this site becomes will largely depend on how much spare time I have; I have a feeling the site will remain static for long periods of time once school starts, but we shall see.

So, I have a few ideas about what this site is and what it will be, but, in the end, you, the reader, will define what this site becomes. I urge you to give me feedback about my site—what you'd like to see more of, what you don't care to see again, etc.—and I will probably ignore you, though I really do mean well. Though the web is largely unmoderated explicitly, I think, if you really look, the web has some sort of collective intelligence. I'm glad I have the opportunity to be part of that intelligence; I hope economic, technical, and other barriers are removed so that others may participate as well. Thank you for visiting my site. Enjoy.