Caleb Sancken:


About This Site

This site,, was coded by hand in HTML, using CSS. The site has been tested using Firefox 1.5, Konqueror 3.2, lynx 2.8, and Internet Explorer 6.0. For best results, this site should be viewed with a web browser that is CSS-compatible.

This site is not rendered correctly in Internet Explorer (IE) because—among other things—IE does not correctly render transparency for PNG images; that is why, if you view the site in IE, there is a greenish background for many of the images. This bug is supposed to be fixed in subsequent versions of IE. There are workarounds for this issue (e.g., Bob Osola's workaround), but, since the workarounds are complex and/or cause other problems, I have decided not to implement a workaround.

[If you are using IE, then I suggest you switch to Firefox—not just to view my site, of course, but because the Firefox web browser is more secure and standards-compliant than IE. In addition, I prefer Firefox's interface to IE's. Often I use programs like Firefox because they are free and to support competition in the software market, and I often sacrifice quality for these benefits. In the case of Firefox, however, the quality of the program, in my opinion, is actually greater than that of a program produced by a mega-corporation.]

The resources at the W3C website were valuable in building this site. All pages have been run through a program called HTML Tidy as well as a web-based HTML Validator, CSS Validator, and Link Checker to clean up the code. All pages have been run through a (non-W3C affiliated) spellchecker as well.